Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Opening Day is finally here

Yes that is right my little papi's!! Opening day of baseball is here! MLB kicked off last sunday with a win by the defending champion Whitesox over the Cleveland Indians. But for most people that dont live in Chicago or Cleveland, opening day was on Monday. O.D (opening day) had its same great feeling its had for years, the first look of the green grass, the annual stint on the DL for Nomar, and the Booing of Barry at an away game (they even threw a siringe at him!). R.S.N got its first chance to see the "new boys" in the ole town team colors. Coco, Lorreta, Lowell, Gonzalez, and Youk, along with Schilling, Tek, Papi, Manny, and Trot made up the starting line-up for the Sox. They played really well. Papi homered (of course), Coco played hard, which im sure we will see all year. Everyone help their breathe in RSN as Schilling pitched really really well, giving up a few hard hit balls, but throwing ala Schilling 03-04. Gonzalez played well especially in the field, he has a laser for an arm, and looks very comfortable out there (hopfully this also is the case at fenway). The biggest surprise of the came in when Lowell belted a line drive HR!! a great way to start off a season for a guy no one has any faith in (except for mybe the FO, since they obtained him). Anther nice surprise was the 1-2-3 inning put up by future New England Idol Jonathan "Paps" Papelbon. Paps did an awesome job of setting up for the most disapointing event of the day Foulke...Now dont get me wrong...Im not jumping on the lets run this guy out of town, actually i am quite the opposite here, i want to give him as many chances as he needs to get through this (whether it be physical or mental). Monday though was not im sure how even foulke wanted to start the season, getting hit very hard in the 9th before getting the 3rd and out and ending the game. Here's to hopping it just gets better from here, but the animals at fenway will not let this go on too long before they jump on him (some alredy have). Foulky im rooting for you man, you got my standing O, when mother starts cranking and you come running in from RF...But then again, im the same guy rooting for bonds...whatever that means.

Ok tomorrow, ill have a full breakdown, of my second favorite ritual of baseball season (the 1st being actually watching the redsox) is Fantasy Baseball.

Until then my little Papi's. Good night, Go Sox!


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