Friday, June 09, 2006

Top 10 Youtube Videos Vol I

Will ferrel on SNL

Night fishing

He-man vs. Big Lebowski


Mastercard Redsox Commercial

Great Hockey Goalie Fights

More Hockey fights

Redsox 2004

Riot after the sox won the series

the "STEAL"

Monday, April 10, 2006

Week 1 Fantasy Baseball Update.

This weeks Avg/OBP/OBP Stats

K. Johjima
(Sea - C) .333/ .417/ 1.036

C. Shelton
(Det - 1B) .583 /.615 /2.073

R. Weeks
(Mil - 2B) .250 /.375/ .725

A. Béltre
(Sea - 3B) .167/ .259/ .426

I. Kinsler
(Tex - 2B,SS) 1 .444/ .545/ 1.267

A. Huff
(TB - 1B,OF) .167 /.375 /.542

M. Holliday
(Col - OF) 1 .250/ .250/ .667

J. Gomes
(TB - OF) .333/ .458/ 1.125/

D. Lee
(ChC - 1B) .375/ .500/ 1.5

J. Reyes
(NYM - SS) .348/ .375/ .984

T. Helton
(Col - 1B) .400/ .586/ 1.236

Not a bad week for my team offensivally, I was able to pluck shelton from the waiver wire, but i didnt really get to enjoy his stats. Reyes is a beast, putting SB and triples. I dropped Swisher, Hermida, and picked up Gomes and Shelton...Now im just a bit handcuffed with 3 1st basemen, but i would rather that why instead of not having enough. Beltre (a wait and see) has stunk it up at the plate, but was able to net 2 SB, so far that wait and see is not turning out too good. Huff is also stinking up the join with a .167 Avg but is at least helping in BB with and OPB of .375 not too shabby. He will come in handy later this week with his postion getting updated to now include 3rd. That will help protect me until Beltre picks it up (if he ever does).
Kinsler is looking like the real deal, and now with his postioning update getting 2nd added will make him even more useful, im set in SS/2nd with a combination of Weeks,Reyes, and Kinsler, i have everything i am looking for from them, SB, doubles, triples, and a great average. Plus all three of these kids are under 24 (Kinsler is 24, Reyes is 22, and Weeks is 23 ) all of them way under the Golden number of 28. So my middle infield looks good this year and for years to come.

Onto Pitching...
Here is where my team bombed...
First i have CC and Gagne hitting the DL (CC out for 2-4 weeks, Gagne out until at least the allstat break) so i there place i picked up Cucpauno (who proptly got me a Loss) and Shields (who sign hadly got me a Win, and 3 holds) needless to say Shields will spend the year on my team, and cucpano will be sent packing to the waiver wire today, i also picked up Chris Ray and M.Batista from the O's and Diamondbacks 2 great waiver wire pickups that really put some depth to my pitching staff, and made it possible for me to swing a trade.
Onto the rest
Santana (0-2 for the week) One good start, one very bad start

Schmidt (0-1 for the week) Pitched really well yesterday except the bomb he let up to Andrew Jones (who happens to be on my opponents team)

Lidge- a couple saves, and the same svop, no blown saves thats the point

Krod- same as lidge, im starting to really like the b2b picks of RP in the draft, with gagne going to the DL this really helped me.

Patterson- OMG i think im gonna get sick

Cain- not a good start to the season either...lets hope he turns it around.

So i lost 11-14 in my first week mostly to my SP and not putting in shelton when he had 2 triples and 3 RBI's, then playing him when he went 0-4 with 2 K's.

Ok a Fantasy Update next monday...lets hope for some better Pitching...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Draft Day...My FantasyBaseball Draft

So on yesterdays post, i talked about the real opening day, and mentioned that i would be back to post about my fantasy baseball draft (well one of them at least) This year i will be talking about my Yahoo Plus Money League (8 teams, 100.00 per team).

I'm a bit depressed because there are only 8 teams in our league this year, its tough to keep this running each year, but the good does out wieght the bad.
I received the 8th spot in our serpintine draft. Keep in mind that this is a "Keeper League" if it actually last past this season i would be realy impressed.

We play with really wacky stats, this is definatly not your typical 5x5 roto league...keep that in mind.

So on to the draft

Round 1
1. A. Pujols Fu-Schnickens
2. Á. Rodríguez Bye Bye Bronson
3. V. Guerrero Baseball Stars
4. M. Teixeira Stewie's Revenge
5. M. Ramírez Immigration
6. D. Ortiz Corked Bat & needs
7. M. Young Damn Mosquitoes
8. Jo. Santana Angry Mobsters (My Team)

The 1st round is usually one of the most predictable rounds of the draft, i took Santana, but i didnt feel comfortable with that pick, i just think that SP are too fragile for your first pick, but i went against my better judgment, we'll see how that turns out.

Round 2:
1. D. Lee Angry Mobsters
2. D. Wright Damn Mosquitoes
3. C. Utley Corked Bat &...
4. C. Crawford Immigration
5. J. Rollins Stewie's Rev...
6. Mi. Cabrera Baseball Sta...
7. J. Peavy Bye Bye Bronson
8. I. Suzuki Fu-Schnickens

I go ahead and take my favorite position in Fantasy Baseball (1st) and select D.Lee, lets hope his 05 season is not a fluke (even though the numbers he has put up every except 05 have been underated) I'll take a shot...

Round 3
1. C. Figgins Fu-Schnickens
2. A. Jones Bye Bye Bronson
3. B. Abreu Baseball Sta...
4. R. Oswalt Stewie's Rev...
5. J. Bay Immigration
6. M. Tejada Corked Bat &...
7. R. Halladay Damn Mosquitoes
8. J. Reyes Angry Mobsters

Some of my favorite F.B. (Fantasy Baseball) players are snatched up before my next pick (A. Jones, C. Figgins, Peavy, Crawford, Rollins). I look at who is out there and take speed...There is not that much guarnteed speed on the market, and 2 of 3 has already been taken. So i select Reyes, who i think will have a better year then figgins anyways. Once again we will see...

Round 4
1. T. Helton Angry Mobsters
2. V. Martínez Damn Mosquitoes
3. L. Berkman Corked Bat &...
4. P. Martínez Immigration
5. J. Mauer Stewie's Rev...
6. C. Carpenter Baseball Sta...
7. D. Willis Bye Bye Bronson
8. J. Pierre Fu-Schnickens

Super stoked here with my Reyes-Helton Super Sandwich pick, for some reason helton always ends up on my team. I love him even though he is in his 30's his Avg, OBP, and OPS are unbelievable. Although he is another risk, ask anyone who had him last year (especially before the allstar break) But i go with my man.

Round 5
1. G. Sheffield Fu-Schnickens
2. M. Rivera Bye Bye Bronson
3. A. Soriano Baseball Sta...
4. A. Ramírez Stewie's Rev...
5. J. Kent Immigration
6. A. Dunn Corked Bat &...
7. C. Beltrán Damn Mosquitoes
8. B. Lidge Angry Mobsters

I take my first closer, and am about to blow the doors off this league... watch this....

Round 6
1. Fr. Rodríguez Angry Mobsters
2. V. Wells Damn Mosquitoes
3. J. Nathan Corked Bat &...
4. C. Delgado Immigration
5. R. Harden Stewie's Rev...
6. F. Hernández Baseball Sta...
7. P. Konerko Bye Bye Bronson
8. R. Johnson Fu-Schnickens

Yeah thats right back 2 back closers, 2 of the top 5 RP in the game, i am guarenteed at least 75 saves this year, with a great whip, and we are also using svop this year so thats anther 80 svop i can guarentee. Well i feel pretty confident in those 2 picks, even though they came pretty early in the draft.

Round 7
1. B. Wagner Fu-Schnickens
2. C. Lee Bye Bye Bronson
3. B. Sheets Baseball Sta...
4. H. Street Stewie's Rev...
5. D. Jeter Immigration
6. C. Zambrano Corked Bat &...
7. R. Sexson Damn Mosquitoes
8. A. Béltre Angry Mobsters

Ok now you wanna see to risky picks??? Beltre and then...

Round 8
1. E. Gagne Angry Mobsters
2. B. Colón Damn Mosquitoes
3. G. Sizemore Corked Bat &...
4. M. Ensberg Immigration
5. T. Iguchi Stewie's Rev...
6. R. Furcal Baseball Sta...
7. C. Cordero Bye Bye Bronson
8. B. Ryan Fu-Schnickens

ouch, not sure what i was thinking there, but i both of these guys can produce what they did 2 years ago, man i can smell the trophy (and more importaintly the money). I liked the way beltre was swinging the bat in the WBC, that was the greatest reason for me drafting him. Gagne, well ill take a flier on him, he may never be who he was, but if he can be, watch out...Another wait and see.

Round 9
1. J. Peralta Fu-Schnickens
2. M. Giles Bye Bye Bronson
3. R. Howard Baseball Sta...
4. H. Matsui Stewie's Rev...
5. J. Damon Immigration
6. S. Podsednik Corked Bat &...
7. J. Isringhausen Damn Mosquitoes
8. J. Patterson Angry Mobsters

I know it might sound like a cop-out but i didnt mean to take him... i was selecting him to put him in my queue when it showed i selected him. well lets hope it works out for the best...

Round 10
1. J. Schmidt Angry Mobsters
2. C. Schilling Damn Mosquitoes
3. T. Hoffman Corked Bat &...
4. M. Prior Immigration
5. C. Crisp Stewie's Rev...
6. J. Beckett Baseball Sta...
7. B. Myers Bye Bye Bronson
8. C. Jones Fu-Schnickens

Another shaky pick, the last couple rounds have not been my best work in FB....another wait and see here though... on to round 11-12

Round 11
1. J. Varitek Fu-Schnickens
2. F. López Bye Bye Bronson
3. J. Cantú Baseball Sta...
4. D. Turnbow Stewie's Rev...
5. A. Pettitte Immigration
6. T. Hafner Corked Bat &...
7. K. Griffey Jr. Damn Mosquitoes
8. C. Sabathia Angry Mobsters
Round 12
1. R. Weeks Angry Mobsters
2. B. Giles Damn Mosquitoes
3. B. Bonds Corked Bat &...
4. M. Buehrle Immigration
5. T. Hunter Stewie's Rev...
6. J. Thome Baseball Sta...
7. J. Smoltz Bye Bye Bronson
8. E. Santana Fu-Schnickens

Some better work here, i really like Weeks, and CC, but i think i took too many SP at the wrong starting think that this is gonna come back and bite me.

Round 13
1. P. Lo Duca Fu-Schnickens
2. P. Burrell Bye Bye Bronson
3. B. Zito Baseball Sta...
4. J. Contreras Stewie's Rev...
5. B. Webb Immigration
6. M. Mulder Corked Bat &...
7. K. Foulke Damn Mosquitoes
8. K. Johjima Angry Mobsters
Round 14
1. M. Holliday Angry Mobsters
2. B. Roberts Damn Mosquitoes
3. J. Lackey Corked Bat &...
4. E. Guardado Immigration
5. R. Zimmerman Stewie's Rev...
6. F. Cordero Baseball Sta...
7. R. Hernández Bye Bye Bronson
8. C. Lee Fu-Schnickens

Can you say break-out players??? Holliday and KoJo will be known players by the end of this year, remember that...i called it.

Round 15
1. A. Burnett Fu-Schnickens
2. F. García Bye Bye Bronson
3. J. Posada Baseball Sta...
4. B. Jenks Stewie's Rev...
5. J. López Immigration
6. I. Rodríguez Corked Bat &...
7. E. Chávez Damn Mosquitoes
8. A. Huff Angry Mobsters
Round 16
1. M. Cain Angry Mobsters
2. J. Garland Damn Mosquitoes
3. T. Hudson Corked Bat &...
4. K. Wood Immigration
5. J. Bonderman Stewie's Rev...
6. N. Lowry Baseball Sta...
7. Z. Duke Bye Bye Bronson
8. C. Floyd Fu-Schnickens

Realized i needed some OF i pick up Huff, he gives me a bit of flex at the OF/1st postion, not sure i like what he is gonna do this year but hey...wait and see i guess...As for Cain, i wanted a SP who is both a great prospect and ready to start now... Cain is the man for the job, rave reviews, and a spot in the rotation, perfect...except that i just realized i took cain and schmidt dont like to do that...

Round 17
1. H. Blalock Fu-Schnickens
2. B. Wilkerson Bye Bye Bronson
3. J. Edmonds Baseball Sta...
4. J. Francoeur Stewie's Rev...
5. T. Glaus Immigration
6. S. Rolen Corked Bat &...
7. J. Lugo Damn Mosquitoes
8. N. Swisher Angry Mobsters
Round 18
1. J. Drew Angry Mobsters
2. S. Hillenbrand Damn Mosquitoes
3. M. González Corked Bat &...
4. R. Clemens Immigration
5. J. Mathis Stewie's Rev...
6. N. Garciaparra Baseball Sta...
7. J. Lieber Bye Bye Bronson
8. B. Wickman Fu-Schnickens

1 bad pick, and 1 that ill most likely regret dropping right after the draft, can you pick who is who??? if you said drew is the bad pick...then you are thinking like me....Again lets wait and see.

Round 19
1. M. Ordóñez Fu-Schnickens
2. B. Hall Bye Bye Bronson
3. L. Hernández Baseball Sta...
4. D. Young Stewie's Rev...
5. C. Tracy Immigration
6. M. Mora Corked Bat &...
7. M. Loretta Damn Mosquitoes
8. I. Kinsler Angry Mobsters
Round 20
1. F. Liriano Angry Mobsters
2. D. Haren Damn Mosquitoes
3. J. Willingham Corked Bat &...
4. D. Davis Immigration
5. P. Fielder Stewie's Rev...
6. R. Canó Baseball Sta...
7. P. Polanco Bye Bye Bronson
8. L. Overbay Fu-Schnickens
Round 21
1. J. Papelbon Fu-Schnickens
2. B. Clark Bye Bye Bronson
3. É. Rentería Baseball Sta...
4. T. Graffanino Stewie's Rev...
5. R. Winn Immigration
6. N. Cotts Corked Bat &...
7. T. Jones Damn Mosquitoes
8. J. Jones Angry Mobsters

I got some awesome young talent in Kinsler and Liarano, and the i fuck it pick with the last pick of the draft (Sopranos where on in a few and my food was getting cold) I think that Kinsler, is gonna help the versitilaty of my team (he is listed as SS, and will get 2nd eligiable in 5 games) Liarano may not help me much at all until Aug or so...Wait and see.

**Quick update** I'll be posting weekly uopdates about how my team is doing every monday or so. But before that, i want to update the status of my team.

i dropped Drew, J.jones, Swisher, liarano, and put CC on the DL, i picked up S.shields (we record holds in our league) C. Ray (yes i am trying to corner the market in Closers) and i also picked up hermidia, an OF from the marlins... a rook with lots of upside. then to replace CC i picked up Cuppucano (SP?) from the brewers, he lookeds good in his first start and will start again before the end of the week. Ok ill update the stats and results on monday for my team, this is were i present my weekly Offensive and Pitching Players of the week.

Until then my little papi's

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Opening Day is finally here

Yes that is right my little papi's!! Opening day of baseball is here! MLB kicked off last sunday with a win by the defending champion Whitesox over the Cleveland Indians. But for most people that dont live in Chicago or Cleveland, opening day was on Monday. O.D (opening day) had its same great feeling its had for years, the first look of the green grass, the annual stint on the DL for Nomar, and the Booing of Barry at an away game (they even threw a siringe at him!). R.S.N got its first chance to see the "new boys" in the ole town team colors. Coco, Lorreta, Lowell, Gonzalez, and Youk, along with Schilling, Tek, Papi, Manny, and Trot made up the starting line-up for the Sox. They played really well. Papi homered (of course), Coco played hard, which im sure we will see all year. Everyone help their breathe in RSN as Schilling pitched really really well, giving up a few hard hit balls, but throwing ala Schilling 03-04. Gonzalez played well especially in the field, he has a laser for an arm, and looks very comfortable out there (hopfully this also is the case at fenway). The biggest surprise of the came in when Lowell belted a line drive HR!! a great way to start off a season for a guy no one has any faith in (except for mybe the FO, since they obtained him). Anther nice surprise was the 1-2-3 inning put up by future New England Idol Jonathan "Paps" Papelbon. Paps did an awesome job of setting up for the most disapointing event of the day Foulke...Now dont get me wrong...Im not jumping on the lets run this guy out of town, actually i am quite the opposite here, i want to give him as many chances as he needs to get through this (whether it be physical or mental). Monday though was not im sure how even foulke wanted to start the season, getting hit very hard in the 9th before getting the 3rd and out and ending the game. Here's to hopping it just gets better from here, but the animals at fenway will not let this go on too long before they jump on him (some alredy have). Foulky im rooting for you man, you got my standing O, when mother starts cranking and you come running in from RF...But then again, im the same guy rooting for bonds...whatever that means.

Ok tomorrow, ill have a full breakdown, of my second favorite ritual of baseball season (the 1st being actually watching the redsox) is Fantasy Baseball.

Until then my little Papi's. Good night, Go Sox!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Long over due Redsox update.

Its been while since i've update my blog, to those of you waiting in baited breath i apologize.

Let's get right to it shall we?

Bronson Arroyo and cash was traded a few days ago for Willy Mo Pena. First i want to personally thanks BA for everything he has done, he was one of the "25" and everytime one of them leaves it is definatly a sad moment in RSN. I also feel bad they way he went out, ignoring his agent and signing a below market value contract to stay with the sox. I want to point out that this may have been the biggest reason he was traded. It was a cost effective move for the Reds. Im sure the Redsox would have loved to off load Clements/Wells contract for WMP, but the reds are not that dumb. They needed SP and they needed it cheap. BA fit that need. The Redsox i believe just recieved and offer they could not refuse. it is a perfect trade for the RS, Nixon is a FA at the end of this year and we need a 4th OF who can platoon with trot and his fragile body.

On a quick sidenote, Trot Nixon better bring it this year, his FA year, because he may not even have a starting job this entire year, and that would indefinatly cost im millions on his next contract.

In other news
Keith "where have you been" Foulke will pitch for the first time this spring on friday and then again on saturday. let's hope things go well, he will be sorely needed.

a good papragraph from the Boston Globe
core that 5-6-3 Alex González made another otherworldly play, on a Luis Ordaz grounder to Mike Lowell's left that caromed off his former Florida teammate's glove. González picked the ball out of the air with his bare hand and threw on a hop across the diamond to cut down a stunned Ordaz. ''Lowell, every time he makes a play, says, 'Told ya,' " said manager Terry Francona. ''He came in and said, 'I haven't seen that one.' " . . . Lowell, 3 for 21 (.143) at one point this spring, collected two more hits, a double and single, and is 5 for his last 11. He's up to .250 (8 for 32) . . . The Sox went deep four times yesterday: David Ortiz in the fourth inning, Mark Loretta and Manny Ramírez in the fifth, and Alex Cora in the seventh. Ortiz's homer, a towering blast to right, came in his spring debut for Boston; he'd spent the previous 2 1/2 weeks with the Dominican team playing in the World Baseball Classic. Ortiz also doubled yesterday . . . Classic scene in the fourth inning: Ortiz homered, and Ramírez, who was on deck, held up the game for about a minute while looking for his helmet. ''He couldn't find it," Francona said. ''He went back and forth three times. It was right there.

Until next time, my little papi's

Monday, January 23, 2006


The sox are on a verge of obtaining Coco Crisp from Cleveland for Marte, Mota, and Shoppach. More on this when the deal actaully is finalized, but at early look i like this deal very much. i did want to look at one thing though, salary, this is one of the the better parts of this deal, the sox will save a lot of money over the next four years. Here is a rough estimate of what the sox salary will look like this year.

1. Manny Ramirez
$ 19,806,820.00
2. Curt Schilling
$ 14,500,000.00
3. Jason Varitek
$ 8,000,000.00
4. Trot Nixon
$ 7,500,000.00
5. Keith Foulke
$ 7,500,000.00
6. Mike Lowell
$ 7,500,000.00
7. Matt Clement
$ 6,500,000.00
8. David Ortiz
$ 5,250,000.00
9. Tim Wakefield
$ 4,670,000.00
10. David Wells
$ 4,075,000.00
11. Mike Timlin
$ 2,750,000.00
12. Mark Loretta
$ 2,750,000.00
13. Julian Tavarez
$ 2,600,000.00
14. Guillermo Mota
$ 2,600,000.00
15. Josh Beckett
$ 2,400,000.00
16. J.T. Snow
$ 2,000,000.00
17. Bronson Arroyo
$ 1,850,000.00
18. Alex Cora
$ 1,300,000.00
19. Tony Graffanino
$ 1,100,000.00
20. John Flaherty
$ 800,000.00
21. Rudy Seanez
$ 550,000.00
22. Kevin Youkilis
$ 323,125.00
23. Adam Stern
$ 316,000.00
Total Team Salary:
$ 121,311,945.00
$ 364,900.00
- mota
$ 2,600,000.00
$ 119,076,845.00
does not include arroyo extension.

so it does look like the sox will on this, also you should take into a count the amount of money saved instead of signing damon, we did however pay somthing like 11 million for edgar to just get rid of him.

ok like i said more when the deal is finalized, ill have some numbers and the like.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stats for a wednesday afternoon

Player Yrs in League AB BB/K H/BB H/K

A. Beltre 8 4065 0.30 5.20 1.58

C Crawford 4 2159 0.31 6.42 2.02

M. Young 6 2985 0.42 4.33 1.82

A. Jones 10 5271 0.50 2.49 1.25

J. Varitek 9 3178 0.52 2.40 1.25

Tejada 9 4891 0.54 3.65 1.96

J Rollins 6 3308 0.55 3.45 1.90

Glaus 8 3500 0.60 1.60 0.95

Ortiz 9 3108 0.62 2.08 1.29

Konerko 9 3995 0.66 2.79 1.83

Delgado 13 5529 0.66 1.75 1.15

Ramirez 13 6126 0.71 2.01 1.42

Thome 15 5919 0.71 1.32 0.94

S. Ichiro 5 3401 0.74 4.89 3.61

J. Damon 11 6177 0.85 2.99 2.54

Berkman 7 3151 0.96 1.61 1.55

J. Pierre 6 3411 1.07 4.60 4.93

A. Puljos 5 2954 1.17 2.45 2.85

G. Sheffield 19 7886 1.34 1.83 2.46

Bonds 20 9140 1.61 1.19 1.91