Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas Redsox Nation

Merry F'n Christmas Redsox Nation.....

Jesus turns to Judas...

Everyball players favorite color is green

But how much was this really worth to Damon?

Team Offer for 4 Yrs Per Year Per Game Per AB
Redsox $40,000,000 $10,000,000 $61,728.40 $15,432.10
Yankees $52,000,000 $13,000,000 $80,246.91 $20,061.73

after tax's and the agent commishion, is it really worth all that much?

Should Larry"LowBall" Lucchino (LLBL) should have given him and extra couple million a year to keep a star and one of the most reconizable faces on the redsox?

I cant wait until May 22nd...

Merry F'n Christmas Redsox Nation.

Be very gratefull that LLBL is not the one buying you christmas prensent's...

i mean jeeze!!!

You ask for an ipod he buys you a walkman

you ask for a norhtface coat he gets you to give him your warm coat that you have been wearing for 4 years and trades it to a bumb in NYC for his coat.

At least we still have ORTIZ!!!

things want for Christmas as a Redsox fan (in no particular order)

1. A shortstop
2. A Center Field
3. A Lead Off Hitter
4. A Closer
5. Arod to catch clamitia and then Run over by a Citybus
6. Arod to finally come out of the closet
7. Manny to stay
8. A Firstbasemen

Good night to all and all a good night.


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