Monday, January 23, 2006


The sox are on a verge of obtaining Coco Crisp from Cleveland for Marte, Mota, and Shoppach. More on this when the deal actaully is finalized, but at early look i like this deal very much. i did want to look at one thing though, salary, this is one of the the better parts of this deal, the sox will save a lot of money over the next four years. Here is a rough estimate of what the sox salary will look like this year.

1. Manny Ramirez
$ 19,806,820.00
2. Curt Schilling
$ 14,500,000.00
3. Jason Varitek
$ 8,000,000.00
4. Trot Nixon
$ 7,500,000.00
5. Keith Foulke
$ 7,500,000.00
6. Mike Lowell
$ 7,500,000.00
7. Matt Clement
$ 6,500,000.00
8. David Ortiz
$ 5,250,000.00
9. Tim Wakefield
$ 4,670,000.00
10. David Wells
$ 4,075,000.00
11. Mike Timlin
$ 2,750,000.00
12. Mark Loretta
$ 2,750,000.00
13. Julian Tavarez
$ 2,600,000.00
14. Guillermo Mota
$ 2,600,000.00
15. Josh Beckett
$ 2,400,000.00
16. J.T. Snow
$ 2,000,000.00
17. Bronson Arroyo
$ 1,850,000.00
18. Alex Cora
$ 1,300,000.00
19. Tony Graffanino
$ 1,100,000.00
20. John Flaherty
$ 800,000.00
21. Rudy Seanez
$ 550,000.00
22. Kevin Youkilis
$ 323,125.00
23. Adam Stern
$ 316,000.00
Total Team Salary:
$ 121,311,945.00
$ 364,900.00
- mota
$ 2,600,000.00
$ 119,076,845.00
does not include arroyo extension.

so it does look like the sox will on this, also you should take into a count the amount of money saved instead of signing damon, we did however pay somthing like 11 million for edgar to just get rid of him.

ok like i said more when the deal is finalized, ill have some numbers and the like.


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stats for a wednesday afternoon

Player Yrs in League AB BB/K H/BB H/K

A. Beltre 8 4065 0.30 5.20 1.58

C Crawford 4 2159 0.31 6.42 2.02

M. Young 6 2985 0.42 4.33 1.82

A. Jones 10 5271 0.50 2.49 1.25

J. Varitek 9 3178 0.52 2.40 1.25

Tejada 9 4891 0.54 3.65 1.96

J Rollins 6 3308 0.55 3.45 1.90

Glaus 8 3500 0.60 1.60 0.95

Ortiz 9 3108 0.62 2.08 1.29

Konerko 9 3995 0.66 2.79 1.83

Delgado 13 5529 0.66 1.75 1.15

Ramirez 13 6126 0.71 2.01 1.42

Thome 15 5919 0.71 1.32 0.94

S. Ichiro 5 3401 0.74 4.89 3.61

J. Damon 11 6177 0.85 2.99 2.54

Berkman 7 3151 0.96 1.61 1.55

J. Pierre 6 3411 1.07 4.60 4.93

A. Puljos 5 2954 1.17 2.45 2.85

G. Sheffield 19 7886 1.34 1.83 2.46

Bonds 20 9140 1.61 1.19 1.91

Friday, January 06, 2006

QT (Quick Thoughts)

Welcome to my first edition of Quick Thoughts (now officially known as QT) ill try to get this out there once a week, look for this every friday. Today ill talk about my thoughts on Damon and RSN. Legacy's return to the ice. the Rose bowl. And some funny as shit links, like the story of the 14 yr old girl who gets and ipod only to find out the package contained raw meat instead.

Here we go...

Ok so my last post had me bashing Redsox FO (front office) for their unwillingness to pay damon a little extra money. I specifically bashed Larry and called him names, for that i am not sorry... I dont really like the guy, but after reading the Gammons state of RSN article put out on recently i couldnt help but have a bit more compassion for the FO.

Letting Damon go was a good thing, really it was here are a couple things i dont think that Simmons touched on in his article. Like the SG (sports guy; Bill Simmons) said it was about the money. Here are my top five reason why Damon leaving is a good thing.

5. No matter who we sign to replace Damon, our CF will throw better, and when i say better i mean farther, harder, and more manley. This is absolute... No matter who it is, my Girlfiend, your Mom, Heather Graham, William Shattner, Terry Schivo. Anyone there is NO exception.

4. It up's the Yankees vs. Redsox Fan Rivarly. Notice how i used Fan Rivalry, that is because this is not a rivalry between teams, it is between fans. This is not the late 90's rivarly of Redwings vs. Avalanche, where the two teams HATED each other, everytime they faced each other there where fights and blood and more fights. The Redsox vs. Yankees Rivalry is fan based, the players dont care about this most of them are friends, some even go out and drink together after games. On May 22nd when $Damon$ comes into town wow, simply wow, you'll be able to hear the boo's from Old Iron Sides in Charelstown.

3. It's exciting to see a new team/player. I think this is my only be for fans that are into stats and fantasy baseball mybe?? i can't say for sure because i am a fan of both, but its like getting a new TV because your old one was your roomates and he moved out. You could have loved the 32" Flat Screen that your roomate bought from bestbuy a year ago, it had HD and watching "Giant Sharks" on PBS and Evangeline Lilly on LOST was breath taking. But now it's gone and you have nothing. You see the good part about this is that now you can go to Bestbuy pick-up that 27" HDTV that you like (which will hold you over until the 42" DLP's go down in price) and with the purchase you can get a DVR and now watch LOST and record Giant Sharks too. see We lose Damon but we get a new CF and with the money we save a first basemen too.

2. The possibility of having a Player named Coco Crisp. Who first of all is an awesome player and a great CF with speed and a GOOD ARM. Second of all how much fun will it be to hear RSN chant COCO COCO COCO on a hot july summer day. all around good times will be had by all.

1. No more getting made fun of because our CF throws like a girl. No this is not the same as #5. Now i can laugh when i see him throw instead of crying inside... nuff said

Manny Legacy returned to the ice last night posting a shutout against the Houston Texans, I mean the St. Louis Blues. My Bad. Nice to see Manny back, hopfully he can stay healthy and give the Wings some Solid minutes in net. Welcome back Manny.

QT on the Rose Bowl, Vince Young nasty, Reggie Bush amazing, Matt Leinhart soooo cute, the Rose Bowl, the best college football game i have watched, well...ever... I dont watch many of the games but im glad i tuned into this one.

and now for the TOP 10 Links of the week
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9. 2006 in like a bullet?
8. Hot Stove not hot enough got a $100 to spend?
7. for the stat head
6. do you play yahoo fantasy sports? how do you rank?
5. Evangeline Lilly Yummy!!!
4. Use Firefox already!!
3. Baseball Site of the Week
2. The Marlins are strapped for talent huh? Whats next pete rose?
and the #1 link
1. The Ipod is Beef'd up!!

Ok everyone have a great weekend!!!