Monday, April 10, 2006

Week 1 Fantasy Baseball Update.

This weeks Avg/OBP/OBP Stats

K. Johjima
(Sea - C) .333/ .417/ 1.036

C. Shelton
(Det - 1B) .583 /.615 /2.073

R. Weeks
(Mil - 2B) .250 /.375/ .725

A. Béltre
(Sea - 3B) .167/ .259/ .426

I. Kinsler
(Tex - 2B,SS) 1 .444/ .545/ 1.267

A. Huff
(TB - 1B,OF) .167 /.375 /.542

M. Holliday
(Col - OF) 1 .250/ .250/ .667

J. Gomes
(TB - OF) .333/ .458/ 1.125/

D. Lee
(ChC - 1B) .375/ .500/ 1.5

J. Reyes
(NYM - SS) .348/ .375/ .984

T. Helton
(Col - 1B) .400/ .586/ 1.236

Not a bad week for my team offensivally, I was able to pluck shelton from the waiver wire, but i didnt really get to enjoy his stats. Reyes is a beast, putting SB and triples. I dropped Swisher, Hermida, and picked up Gomes and Shelton...Now im just a bit handcuffed with 3 1st basemen, but i would rather that why instead of not having enough. Beltre (a wait and see) has stunk it up at the plate, but was able to net 2 SB, so far that wait and see is not turning out too good. Huff is also stinking up the join with a .167 Avg but is at least helping in BB with and OPB of .375 not too shabby. He will come in handy later this week with his postion getting updated to now include 3rd. That will help protect me until Beltre picks it up (if he ever does).
Kinsler is looking like the real deal, and now with his postioning update getting 2nd added will make him even more useful, im set in SS/2nd with a combination of Weeks,Reyes, and Kinsler, i have everything i am looking for from them, SB, doubles, triples, and a great average. Plus all three of these kids are under 24 (Kinsler is 24, Reyes is 22, and Weeks is 23 ) all of them way under the Golden number of 28. So my middle infield looks good this year and for years to come.

Onto Pitching...
Here is where my team bombed...
First i have CC and Gagne hitting the DL (CC out for 2-4 weeks, Gagne out until at least the allstat break) so i there place i picked up Cucpauno (who proptly got me a Loss) and Shields (who sign hadly got me a Win, and 3 holds) needless to say Shields will spend the year on my team, and cucpano will be sent packing to the waiver wire today, i also picked up Chris Ray and M.Batista from the O's and Diamondbacks 2 great waiver wire pickups that really put some depth to my pitching staff, and made it possible for me to swing a trade.
Onto the rest
Santana (0-2 for the week) One good start, one very bad start

Schmidt (0-1 for the week) Pitched really well yesterday except the bomb he let up to Andrew Jones (who happens to be on my opponents team)

Lidge- a couple saves, and the same svop, no blown saves thats the point

Krod- same as lidge, im starting to really like the b2b picks of RP in the draft, with gagne going to the DL this really helped me.

Patterson- OMG i think im gonna get sick

Cain- not a good start to the season either...lets hope he turns it around.

So i lost 11-14 in my first week mostly to my SP and not putting in shelton when he had 2 triples and 3 RBI's, then playing him when he went 0-4 with 2 K's.

Ok a Fantasy Update next monday...lets hope for some better Pitching...


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